Things We Love February 10 2015

This week we're here to rescue you from your Winter Skin Sadness. Although Lana Del Rey knows plenty about Summertime Sadness, we doubt she's familiar with Winter Skin Sadness (ummmm hello have you seen her porcelain skin? Gorg.) Don't worry, we've got the bases covered and we're here to rescue your skin from Winter Time Sadness.
Our first skin saving product is a little gem called Rosehip Oil. You may, or may not have heard of it. It's amazing. Rosehip oil rejuvenates the skin and truly makes your skin glow. This product works well if you put on right before bed. You can even use in the morning too, alone, or under your moisturizer-depending on how dry your skin is. Don't believe us? Just read this Huffington Post article and you'll too become a believer (Miranda Kerr is a believer too). The best part? It will not break the bank. You can get this at Whole Foods for about $13 and it will last several months. 
As Lana would say...I just want you to know, that baby you da best...
Next up is this little unassuming bar of soap...
Another bang for your buck, this Sibu sea buckthorn bar soap has helped many who struggle with winter (or even summertime) skin sadness. For just $7 you can have amazing skin. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too until we tried it out for ourselves. Having been using this for over a year, you have our word that this really works (even for those of us with otherwise very sensitive skin). 
Truth be told, we love every Kiehls product we've tried (and we've tried A LOT). BUT, when it comes to under eye skin saving products (we don't use the W-word here-nope. completely off limits), we love the men's Facial Fuel Anti-W. Cream. Yes it's for men and yes, there are plenty of other Kiehls products we like, but this one in particular is loaded with caffeine and can make any tough morning look like a breeze. We do use this morning and night. 
And lastly...
One last skin-saving trick is Vitamin E oil (of course). Dab a little bit under your eyes before bed (we put it right on top of the Kiehls product).
What's your favorite skin-saving beauty product?