NYFW February 24 2015

We love Fashion Week! Considering how arctic the weather has been this year we weren't too disappointed to watch all the magic unfold from the warmth of the beach. Here is a recap of our favorite shows!

There were so many show-stopping moments, we can barely remember them all! The textures and silhouettes are new and exciting for Fall! Rich tones and vintage inspiration set the stage this year.


Tory Burch: These Moroccan inspired pieces remind us of a beautiful getaway. Deep, rich colors dominated each piece and intricate embellished designs left us coveting more than we can ever hope to own.  Tory is a woman after our own hearts. Who wouldn't want your closet to reflect your travels?? { View the collection}


Oscar de la Renta: There are not enough words to describe the art that is Mr. de la Renta. This collection is glamour and sophistication- everything he believed in. Kendall Jenner looked stunning in a beaded, strapless gown that we wish we could wear (if only we had someplace fabulous to go). {View the collection}


Ralph Lauren: Nothing is more of an American fashion staple than RL. This collection was full of Western flavor with capes, hats and bag. Fringe made an appearance on booties and shawls. We want to spend a week in the mountains and unplug from the world while wearing that stunning outfit on the left. {View the collection


Calvin Klein: We found ourselves in the 60's during this incredible show. From the mini's to the maxi's everything reminded us of a fabulous episode of Mad Men. Sometimes we wish we could spend a day in the 1960's and thanks to Calvin Klein- we can! {View the collection}


Michael Kors: MK is one of our personal favorites. The Hamilton Tote was one of the first splurge purchases I ever made. So Michael Kors is near and dear to our hearts. He makes clothes that make us feel like movie stars. This year brought back to a time when fur was fashionable not faux paus. Whether they be real or imitation- each fur coat and collar took our breath away. Our (in our dreams) BFF, Karlie Kloss, looked like the goddess we know she is in a full length, long-sleeve gown. {View the collection}


As always, Fashion Week is full of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous clothes. We enjoyed watching all the shows and reading all the predictions about trends coming your away soon. Fashion is art and we love being part of the masterpiece.