SUMMER LOVE... May 24 2012

Summer is around the corner! As a true California brand, most of the däv team has two things in common when it comes to this time of the year... the sun and the beach! Here at the däv offices we are looking forward to countless things we enjoy about summer! Take a peek at some of the team's favorites and hope you share yours too! From surfing to traveling to truffles and everything in between :) 

"Surfing! With my daughters if I can get them up early." - Dave, President

"Every summer we look forward to visiting with family and friends. We love to hike, bike, and play in the ocean!" - Kerri, Marketing Director
"FIGHT CLUB, a sparring class 2 times a week at my gym that helps me to manage stress and stay active without getting bored." 
- AJ, VP of Sales

"The summer escape is my favorite part of summer, this year I will embark on my version of the Grand Tour, Rome, Paris, Brussels and Barcelona.

This pleasure tour will encompass art, history, culture, shopping and the culinary deliciousness of gelato and Pierre Marcolini chocolate truffles." - Vanessa, Controller    

"I live on a sail boat, so my favorite thing about summer is boating of course. I love spending time on sunny, lazy afternoons getting the boat all shiny and ready for the next trip out to the Channel Islands. My däv Festivals are great for that! I can scrub the decks without slipping or wet feet. They look great with shorts, and when you are through you just roll them up and stow them away." - Christy, Design Manager
"I spend a lot of the summer with my horses, trailering them out to Pismo Beach to ride in the ocean with my friends. I love wearing my dav Victoria boots when I get back home and give them a bath after a long ride. Equestrians know that bathing horses means that you transfer most of the dirt that was on the horse onto ourselves! My däv Victoria boots are perfect for keeping my feet dry and clean (one of the only parts of me that stays that way!). " - Amber, Production Artist
"I look forward to going to the beach and soaking up the sun :)."  
- Erin, Account Executive

"Basking in the warm weather with a cold drink." - Rachel, Special Markets Account Executive

"I look forward to the longer days which means more sunshine!" 
- Maria, Accounting Associate

"My first thoughts about summer is the beach party we have in Carpinteria with the families.  We started this when my twins were 7 years old and now they are 32 and it still going strong with each new generation.  Some of us have kids, grandkids and one couple have great-grandkids. What started as a party of 13 is now a party of 50 some, sand and waves-what more do we need." - Patsy Jo, Accounting Associate
"My favorite thing about summer….I look forward to warm sunny days where I can go to the beach or harbor and go fishing. With my Wimpy-doo of course" (her adorable pup)! - Krystal, Inventory Analyst
"So many things but my top favorites are maxi dresses, laying out by the pool, summer fruits like watermelon (yum!) and Miami!"
- Elizabeth, Marketing Associate