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Packing for trips can be a daunting task. You want to look great, so over packing suggests that you will have the right outfit for every situation, weather or occasion. But, lugging all that stuff around will make your trip a hassle! We travel the world for dav and we have learned how to pack right! Here are our tips with a few links to our fav things:

Chic Girl's Light-Pack Uniform Method:

1) white cotton t-shirt

2) black capri-length leggings

3) stylish, light weight weather resistant jacket in black or a pop color

4) black sneaker style ballet flats

5) statement sunglasses, statement ring (adds flair to the basic look)


Then add to mix or match:

1) faded boyfriend jean

2) white tank top

3) flashy statement heels

4) slim stretch black skirt

5) short weatherproof boot for rain

6) summer scarf

7) compact umbrella



1) underwear

2) toiletries (only the basics - keep it to a small bag)

3) one fab swimsuit and lightweight cover up

4) black flip flops

5) very light night gown


For a week-long trip, add 4 more light weight t-shirts - that's it.

This will fit in a small carry-on. You can focus on fun instead of trying to decide what you will wear! Plus you will look very chic and put together. Have fun!


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