Winter weather travel UNIFORM - a uniform? yes!

The more I travel, the more I am trying to simplify what I pack. During the winter, my suitcase gets bigger and heavier -  and I still struggle with a cute outfit that will work as the weather changes throughout the day. I have talked about a travel 'uniform' before. This concept is especially useful during the winter when extra heavy clothing is essential. The choices are classic, dress-up or dress-down and always in style. Once you try the uniform approach, you will never go back to you giant over-filled suit case! Use my list below and you will get by with one small carry-on for one week! For a one week  PACK THIS: 1 skinny dark jean 1 slim...

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From the ashes we rise - together.

From the ashes we rise  On December 4, 2017, my daughter and I were watching the Crown. Dave was in Europe visiting new stores in Germany. It was a beautiful night with a clear sky full of stars. What happened next changed our lives, our community and our environment for many years to come. In the middle our dinner my neighbor called and said, “Kerri there is a fire, go outside.” I went outside and saw a bright glow on a hillside one mile away. It was a small area, but experience told me to be cautious, so I sent my daughter, our dog and one file drawer of important papers down the hill to a safe place near the...

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Happy Fall to everyone - it's our fav

Happy Fall We love Fall. It's the intro to holiday time and time with family. At dav, it also means that we are busy designing our collection for next fall, as everything is created a year in advance.  We are excited as we are growing our collection to include new styles and design types that we have never created before, enhancing our brand offering and dialing-up comfort and luxury. We are inspired by our Southern California surroundings. With the casual lifestyle, immense beauty and varied terrain, we have the opportunity to create footwear that is durable, yet beautiful and comfortable. We look forward to launching new concepts starting this spring and into fall 2018. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fall to...

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