From the ashes we rise - together. January 09 2018

From the ashes we rise

 On December 4, 2017, my daughter and I were watching the Crown. Dave was in Europe visiting new stores in Germany. It was a beautiful night with a clear sky full of stars. What happened next changed our lives, our community and our environment for many years to come.

In the middle our dinner my neighbor called and said, “Kerri there is a fire, go outside.” I went outside and saw a bright glow on a hillside one mile away. It was a small area, but experience told me to be cautious, so I sent my daughter, our dog and one file drawer of important papers down the hill to a safe place near the beach.

By the time she left, which was only about 20 minutes, I stood in the middle of our yard with fire all around me. The 70 mph Santa Ana winds were blowing the fire sideways, black smoked swirled around me and now, I was in the middle of a full blown fire hurricane. It only took minutes for the fire to go a mile – there was no time to think.

With no power, no light and now I was faced with evacuating horses, chickens and a goat plus whatever sentimental items I could grab. Our lives went from eating dinner and watching the Crown to running for our lives from a fire hurricane, all happening inside a half of an hour.

Due to a dead truck battery I, I came to the realization that I would not be able to get my horses to safety. My evacuation route was on fire and I stood there in a vortex of black smoke, I was accepting the fact that there was a good chance I would not escape.

Through the smoke, the firefighters were screaming to leave, abandon the animals and to go-go-go. Through the smoke I saw headlights. It was my neighbor and veterinarian who asked if I needed help. He backed his truck to my horse trailer and calmly hooked it up, helped me load my horses and off we went through the flames to safety.

Covered in smoke, tears and fear, we made it to an evacuation place. I saw true heroes in that smoke, from the neighbor who rescued me to the neighbors who stayed and fought the fire saving their homes and ours. I still lack the words to full describe the scene and what happened that night.

Through this tragedy where over 1200 people in our community lost their homes, we have seen people rise, help each other, neighbor with neighbor dig through the rubble of their homes to find anything that was left. Neighbors took in their neighbors in, food was shared, money was raised and now the rebuilding process starts. Some will never come back, as there was no insurance or for other reasons. Others will rebuild, but it will take a long time.

One month later, as we welcome the New Year, we are starting to move forward and trying to find a new normal. Internet was just restored and we are trying to get all systems back on track. It will take a while to get settled as our beautiful community was turned upside down.

We are so grateful that our home and business was spared. We are in awe of those who stayed and fought to save our homes and all of the first responders who braved hell-fire conditions for a month to get the fire under control. For the start of the new year we have new perspective and appreciation. Happy New Year, we rise together.

Footwear News covered our story and here is a link:

Now as we get to a new normal, we will continue to reach out to those in terrible need. Here is a link to those who lost their homes in our immediate area.


jacob the Ojai goat being evacuated during Thomas Fire

Jacob the Goat riding shotgun with me in the truck as we evacuated from place to place as the fire closed in from Ojai to Santa Barbara.

Jacob the Ojai goat made it to the beach during the Thomas Fire after escaping the flames with dav footwear co-founder Kerri Sengstaken

Jacob the Goat and I made it to the beach during the wildfires. Jacob was such a good boy through everything, trusting me even though he was very scared.

Horses making new friends at the evacuation center in Santa Barbara

Our horses made new friends at the evacuation center in Santa Barbara. 

Happy Fall to everyone - it's our fav November 21 2017

Happy Fall

We love Fall. It's the intro to holiday time and time with family. At dav, it also means that we are busy designing our collection for next fall, as everything is created a year in advance. 

We are excited as we are growing our collection to include new styles and design types that we have never created before, enhancing our brand offering and dialing-up comfort and luxury.

We are inspired by our Southern California surroundings. With the casual lifestyle, immense beauty and varied terrain, we have the opportunity to create footwear that is durable, yet beautiful and comfortable.

We look forward to launching new concepts starting this spring and into fall 2018.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fall

to you and your family!

Kerri and Dave




Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 04 2017

Raising awareness and fundraising to support a cure for breast cancer is ever present in the month of October. We, as a country, continue our push to defeat this disease and support all who are suffering from it.

This cause is special to me as my mother, Rosemary, is a two-time survivor of breast cancer. Watching her endure treatment with a brave face has been an inspiration. My dear friend Pam is also a survivor, having endured intense treatment that ravaged her body. Then, there is Drea, a very young 30 something who lives on kale, organic vegetables and is a serious hiker and health enthusiast. She was recently diagnosed and is in treatment now. Drea proves that it is not always age, or health regimen, but a random act of nature, genetics or whatever brings this horrible disease. No one is immune. Period.

All continue to overcome the effects of the treatment, which sometimes is as challenging as the disease itself. Each day I count my blessings that they are still here, but sadly, always, I worry that it will return. That feeling and fear never leaves. Also, will it strike me, my daughters, more loved ones? The wish I make on falling stars, pennies in fountains and when the sun rises always revolves around this topic, although I must not share it exactly to keep my wish as safe as possible. The rules on wish-making have never been clear.

So, instead of wishes for the month of October, I will check myself and ask all of my family, friends, customers, partners to do the same and also commit to getting a mammogram. I also ask that you make a donation to the breast cancer charity of your choice if you are able.

Get the word out, make the phone call, post on social media, remind them all to get screened, check yourselves and give support and love to all those who endure or have lost loved ones to it.

We will be running contests on our social media for people to post their stories to raise awareness. Keep an eye on facebook for our flash contests to see stories and participate to enter to win a pair of boots.

Be well, get screened and donate if you can,

Kerri Sengstaken

Co-founder of däv





breast cancer survivors all hell breaking loose? September 08 2017


Dear friends:

There are unprecedented storms and fires wrecking communities this summer/early fall.  Some of us are affected directly, while others see friends, family and co-workers struggle to recover from these terrible disasters.

One way to help is to give to the Red Cross and Salvation Army. The Red Cross and Salvation Army are set up now to deliver relief immediately and both have the channels and infrastructure in place to work efficiently and effectively. Please visit their website to see the work they do. In regards to other charities, please do your homework – as there are many. In these times of struggles, imposters pop up to capitalize on disasters.

 Stay safe, hug your loved ones and help if you can.


Dave and Kerri

Co-founders of däv

Our neighborhood boutiques - time to support them January 22 2017

Shopping online is a convenience and a choice we all enjoy. If we order a product online, it can literally land on our doorstep the same day in some cities. What a wonderful experience to help our busy lives!

But what are we losing in this age of convenience? We must consider that our local shops are suffering in a time of total online dominance. Trying on clothes and shoes while chatting with the store owner can be a wonderful experience and we should support our hometown shops! Small businesses are the backbone of our country and it is important for us all to visit our local boutiques to make sure they thrive in combination with online shopping.

däv is not available in all cities in retail stores and not all online retailers carry our entire collection, so we use our website to reach everyone. However, we still prefer our däv customers to visit their local retailers to purchase our products and try them on in person.

Here is a list of our wonderful retailers who carry däv - stop by and see them!


Let us remember the children of Aleppo and all in need this holiday season December 22 2016

It's the HOLIDAYS - yes, we love this time of year!

However, 2016 was a very rough year for many - especially the children of Aleppo. As we all gather around our tables and hug our loved ones, let us all remember those who are suffering - say a prayer, make a donation do whatever we can to let them know they are not forgotten.

Thank you to all of our customers, friends and vendors who supported däv this year! We are family-owned business and we appreciate all who love our brand, give us feedback and wear our products!!!

Peace and Love to you and yours,

Kerri and Dave / däv


Doctors without Borders



Giving thanks and setting goals November 23 2016

Yay, Thanksgiving!! We are starting our shopping and getting ready for family. It's a great time to reflect, decide our goals for next year and give thanks for how far we have come.

däv is a family-owned brand. My wife and I are a team, our employees are like family, and we put lots of heart and soul into every thing we do. We speak directly to our customers, listen to them, and go forward to create the very best footwear that looks and feels amazing.

As the world moves faster and gets smaller due to the internet, small businesses struggle to protect their designs. To combat this challenge, we change our collection twice a year and rarely keep the same design for more than one season. This makes it a little harder for other brands to be 'inspired' by us, as we are fast movers with innovation, constantly on the edge of 'what's now, what's next.'

Another benefit to changing the collection often, is we are able to improve our designs with each generation. We improve materials, comfort, quality and function, so each version of a style is better than before. Our brand is light years ahead from where we started in 2007, and we can't believe how far we have taken däv.

Our goals for the coming year are to expand our offering outside of weatherproof footwear, as our fans love our designs and construction for everyday wear. Another goal is to have more personal interaction with our customers, so often when you go to the chat feature on our website, you may very well get Kerri or I, who personally answer your questions - and may ask you a few questions and opinions as well. This is something we have truly enjoyed and it is our goal to continue for next year.

We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and we THANK YOU for your support of our brand däv and for family-owned businesses! We welcome your comments and thoughts here on our blog and also on Facebook!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave, Kerri and the entire team at däv!



Fun Fall Fabulous August 15 2016

It's always our favorite time of year when you get that first cool breeze after a long, hot summer. The stores are filled cozy fall fashions. Summer fashion is never as exciting as Fall. Fall always dominates the senses. Rich wool, cozy fleece, layers and beautiful coats. Boots and more boots. Chic is never absent when you are wearing a beautiful pair of boots, a classic trench and a whimsical scarf or glasses. Classic can go to funky with a simple accessory change, when the background neutral. A bright scarf or a color pop in your boots can be a lot of fun, yet still look professional.

dav rain boots for color pop on neutral wardrobe


HOLIDAY CHEER December 03 2015

Time for a walk through the winter weather, decorate the house with a festive theme and cook something warm and inviting. These are all things that make the holidays special. We all celebrate differently and have different beliefs, but no one can deny that it is a great time to get together with family and friends. 'Let your hearts be light,' as the song says. May the holidays be filled with light, hope and peace. From our family to yours, happy holidays! Love, Dave and Kerri, co-founders of däv


FALL IS IN FULL FORCE October 02 2015

With the rain and storms that come with fall, why is it our fav season? It's finally cool, the fireplace is so cozy and of course PUMPKIN SPICE everything! People Magazine did this cool guide and we could not top it -- so here ya go!,,20945833_30384700,00.html

Fall is here - well almost August 07 2015

Every year, fall fashions roll out when it is still 100 degrees. Our minds are fixed on cooler days and also the return of school and fall festivities to come. dav has some amazing new styles for fall. Many have the option to roll up and fit neatly in your bag. As crazy weather hits our country, it is nice to have a pair of all weather boots tucked away in a bag for surprise showers. We live in California where it is dry -- but when it rains it pours! Mud slides and flash floods occur here in the Golden State. We are always grateful for our dav boots which are ready for whatever Mother Nature brings our way.

Below, our Weston boot, rolls up and stows away for travel or a storage in a bag. Pop the boot up and it is a gorgeous, fabric covered boot with a soft lining. I has a waterproof membrane sandwiched between the comfortable fabric layers. It is waterproof all the way to the knee.

dav summer vacay travels packing tips June 09 2015

Packing for trips can be a daunting task. You want to look great, so over packing suggests that you will have the right outfit for every situation, weather or occasion. But, lugging all that stuff around will make your trip a hassle! We travel the world for dav and we have learned how to pack right! Here are our tips with a few links to our fav things:

Chic Girl's Light-Pack Uniform Method:

1) white cotton t-shirt

2) black capri-length leggings

3) stylish, light weight weather resistant jacket in black or a pop color

4) black sneaker style ballet flats

5) statement sunglasses, statement ring (adds flair to the basic look)


Then add to mix or match:

1) faded boyfriend jean

2) white tank top

3) flashy statement heels

4) slim stretch black skirt

5) short weatherproof boot for rain

6) summer scarf

7) compact umbrella



1) underwear

2) toiletries (only the basics - keep it to a small bag)

3) one fab swimsuit and lightweight cover up

4) black flip flops

5) very light night gown


For a week-long trip, add 4 more light weight t-shirts - that's it.

This will fit in a small carry-on. You can focus on fun instead of trying to decide what you will wear! Plus you will look very chic and put together. Have fun!


Memorial Day Remembering May 16 2015

It's always nice to have a long weekend. Extra time with our families, shopping Memorial Day sales and weekend barbecues have all been favorite Memorial Day activities. The true meaning of the federal holiday is to honor those who have died for our country in military service. The holiday, which is observed every year on the last Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the war. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.

We must acknowledge the bravery and determination it takes for those who serve and to step into harm's way on sometimes a daily basis. To be away from their families and familiar comforts is a way of life while being in the service. It takes a special person and special families to make these sacrifices. We honor that sacrifice, thank them and remember those who died.

Here is a link to some excellent charities to help veterans and their families. Since we LOVE dogs, we especially like the Puppies Behind Bars program which helps prison inmates train loving and competent service dogs for wounded veterans. 

Veterens Charities

Puppies Behind Bars

Our Moms May 01 2015

Mother's Day is here and we honor our mothers! Thank you moms for loving us through all of our stages with good and bad times mixed. We should also recognize all of the wonderful mother-energy we receive from our closest friends. Sisters, aunts, best friends, cousins nurture us in different ways - adding to the love and support we need to evolve into better and better people. 

And equally important, we remember our moms who are not here anymore. We know they are with us in spirit and we love and miss them everyday!

Happy Mother's Day!

Pictured: däv co-founder Kerri with her mom Rosemary on a first trip to Italy together, just mom and daughter. Best idea ever.