As the people of Southern California recover from the wildfires, there is hope all around. Flowers and green shoots are sprouting up through the scorched, black earth. Neighbors are working hard to help one another with housing, clothes, food and the basics of life. We survived together and became closer as a community.

Something as small as helping neighbors replant their burned yards, has helped us feel better– to bring back the green, wash off the ash and to find hope. Pictured below is our neighbors yard that volunteers replanted. You can see the black ground in front of the new green life. The house behind it was a 100 year old farm house that is now a pile of light gray ash.

Thomas Fire in Southern California, neighbors helping neighbors and replanted yards


Through it all we continued to work on our spring collection and it is arriving now! It is a wonderful assortment of lightweight boots and shoes in fresh colors and materials. How wonderful it is to see it deliver. In addition, we can’t wait to get our hands on our new SOFT SHOE collection, which features butter soft microfiber uppers and suede comfort insoles that cradle your feet.  The hard work in finishing the collection during trying times has made the arrival that much more special. Enjoy dav this spring!

SPRING SOFT shoes from dav

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