Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Raising awareness and fundraising to support a cure for breast cancer is ever present in the month of October. We, as a country, continue our push to defeat this disease and support all who are suffering from it. This cause is special to me as my mother, Rosemary, is a two-time survivor of breast cancer. Watching her endure treatment with a brave face has been an inspiration. My dear friend Pam is also a survivor, having endured intense treatment that ravaged her body. Then, there is Drea, a very young 30 something who lives on kale, organic vegetables and is a serious hiker and health enthusiast. She was recently diagnosed and is in treatment now. Drea proves that it is...

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  Dear friends: There are unprecedented storms and fires wrecking communities this summer/early fall.  Some of us are affected directly, while others see friends, family and co-workers struggle to recover from these terrible disasters. One way to help is to give to the Red Cross and Salvation Army. The Red Cross and Salvation Army are set up now to deliver relief immediately and both have the channels and infrastructure in place to work efficiently and effectively. Please visit their website to see the work they do. In regards to other charities, please do your homework – as there are many. In these times of struggles, imposters pop up to capitalize on disasters.  Stay safe, hug your loved ones...

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Our neighborhood boutiques - time to support them

Shopping online is a convenience and a choice we all enjoy. If we order a product online, it can literally land on our doorstep the same day in some cities. What a wonderful experience to help our busy lives! But what are we losing in this age of convenience? We must consider that our local shops are suffering in a time of total online dominance. Trying on clothes and shoes while chatting with the store owner can be a wonderful experience and we should support our hometown shops! Small businesses are the backbone of our country and it is important for us all to visit our local boutiques to make sure they thrive in combination with online shopping. däv is...

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Let us remember the children of Aleppo and all in need this holiday season

It's the HOLIDAYS - yes, we love this time of year! However, 2016 was a very rough year for many - especially the children of Aleppo. As we all gather around our tables and hug our loved ones, let us all remember those who are suffering - say a prayer, make a donation do whatever we can to let them know they are not forgotten. Thank you to all of our customers, friends and vendors who supported däv this year! We are family-owned business and we appreciate all who love our brand, give us feedback and wear our products!!! Peace and Love to you and yours, Kerri and Dave / däv   Doctors without Borders UNICEF  

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Giving thanks and setting goals

Yay, Thanksgiving!! We are starting our shopping and getting ready for family. It's a great time to reflect, decide our goals for next year and give thanks for how far we have come. däv is a family-owned brand. My wife and I are a team, our employees are like family, and we put lots of heart and soul into every thing we do. We speak directly to our customers, listen to them, and go forward to create the very best footwear that looks and feels amazing. As the world moves faster and gets smaller due to the internet, small businesses struggle to protect their designs. To combat this challenge, we change our collection twice a year and rarely keep the same...

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