Giving thanks and setting goals

Giving thanks and setting goals

Yay, Thanksgiving!! We are starting our shopping and getting ready for family. It's a great time to reflect, decide our goals for next year and give thanks for how far we have come.

däv is a family-owned brand. My wife and I are a team, our employees are like family, and we put lots of heart and soul into every thing we do. We speak directly to our customers, listen to them, and go forward to create the very best footwear that looks and feels amazing.

As the world moves faster and gets smaller due to the internet, small businesses struggle to protect their designs. To combat this challenge, we change our collection twice a year and rarely keep the same design for more than one season. This makes it a little harder for other brands to be 'inspired' by us, as we are fast movers with innovation, constantly on the edge of 'what's now, what's next.'

Another benefit to changing the collection often, is we are able to improve our designs with each generation. We improve materials, comfort, quality and function, so each version of a style is better than before. Our brand is light years ahead from where we started in 2007, and we can't believe how far we have taken däv.

Our goals for the coming year are to expand our offering outside of weatherproof footwear, as our fans love our designs and construction for everyday wear. Another goal is to have more personal interaction with our customers, so often when you go to the chat feature on our website, you may very well get Kerri or I, who personally answer your questions - and may ask you a few questions and opinions as well. This is something we have truly enjoyed and it is our goal to continue for next year.

We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and we THANK YOU for your support of our brand däv and for family-owned businesses! We welcome your comments and thoughts here on our blog and also on Facebook!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave, Kerri and the entire team at däv!



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