Our neighborhood boutiques - time to support them

Our neighborhood boutiques - time to support them

Shopping online is a convenience and a choice we all enjoy. If we order a product online, it can literally land on our doorstep the same day in some cities. What a wonderful experience to help our busy lives!

But what are we losing in this age of convenience? We must consider that our local shops are suffering in a time of total online dominance. Trying on clothes and shoes while chatting with the store owner can be a wonderful experience and we should support our hometown shops! Small businesses are the backbone of our country and it is important for us all to visit our local boutiques to make sure they thrive in combination with online shopping.

däv is not available in all cities in retail stores and not all online retailers carry our entire collection, so we use our website to reach everyone. However, we still prefer our däv customers to visit their local retailers to purchase our products and try them on in person.

Here is a list of our wonderful retailers who carry däv - stop by and see them!



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