Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Raising awareness and fundraising to support a cure for breast cancer is ever present in the month of October. We, as a country, continue our push to defeat this disease and support all who are suffering from it.

This cause is special to me as my mother, Rosemary, is a two-time survivor of breast cancer. Watching her endure treatment with a brave face has been an inspiration. My dear friend Pam is also a survivor, having endured intense treatment that ravaged her body. Then, there is Drea, a very young 30 something who lives on kale, organic vegetables and is a serious hiker and health enthusiast. She was recently diagnosed and is in treatment now. Drea proves that it is not always age, or health regimen, but a random act of nature, genetics or whatever brings this horrible disease. No one is immune. Period.

All continue to overcome the effects of the treatment, which sometimes is as challenging as the disease itself. Each day I count my blessings that they are still here, but sadly, always, I worry that it will return. That feeling and fear never leaves. Also, will it strike me, my daughters, more loved ones? The wish I make on falling stars, pennies in fountains and when the sun rises always revolves around this topic, although I must not share it exactly to keep my wish as safe as possible. The rules on wish-making have never been clear.

So, instead of wishes for the month of October, I will check myself and ask all of my family, friends, customers, partners to do the same and also commit to getting a mammogram. I also ask that you make a donation to the breast cancer charity of your choice if you are able.

Get the word out, make the phone call, post on social media, remind them all to get screened, check yourselves and give support and love to all those who endure or have lost loved ones to it.

We will be running contests on our social media for people to post their stories to raise awareness. Keep an eye on facebook for our flash contests to see stories and participate to enter to win a pair of boots.

Be well, get screened and donate if you can,

Kerri Sengstaken

Co-founder of däv





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